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Discover why Streamlined Record Retrieval is the best choice for your record retrieval needs. With over 18+ years of experience, we know how to streamline your record retrieval workflow. With competitive pricing, best-in-class technology, and world class customer service – we are the best record retrieval company in the industry.

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“If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.”  John 15:10

We believe that record retrieval is not rocket science and should be done with persistence, dedication, customer service, the right technology, and hard work.  We see your clients as people, not as numbers or orders. We are the solution to obtaining the vital records for their case.  We are your advocate and team member in achieving your client’s goals.
At Streamlined Record Retrieval:

Our firm has worked with Streamlined Record Retrieval for many years on several mass torts with hundreds of cases, as well as numerous individual med mal cases. Taylor, Scott, and their team have always been incredibly responsive to our requests and needs, and always with respect and the goal of satisfaction. They work well with our IT department to deliver records in the format we need and with appropriate meta data so we can fully utilize our document management software. I have also had the good fortune to get to know them personally and, as we say in the South, “they’re good people.” They are a great family-owned business with great customer service. We will be doing business with SRR for many years to come!

S. Howe

Mass Tort Firm

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We streamline the entire process to provide the fastest, most efficient medical record retrieval experience in the industry.
“We Promise! We Deliver!”

  • Nationwide Record Retrieval
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Real-Time Order Status
  • Cost Containment
  • Prepaid Provider Fees
  • Rushed Requests
  • E-signature Authorizations
  • OCR Searchable Text
  • Customized Bates Stamping
  • Affidavits/Certification of Records
  • 100% Digital Records


Advanced proprietary software allows you to take charge of resource allocation. Our systems and processes save you time and money!

  • StreamLink
  • StreamShare
  • StreamFast
  • StreamTrack
  • StreamView
  • StreamSign
  • StreamPay

About Us

Simply stated, record retrieval is not rocket science. To be done right, it takes persistence, dedication, hard work, the right technology, and world class customer service. At Streamlined Record Retrieval we embody these traits, and our mission is simple: When we say, “We Promise We Deliver!”, We mean it!


Streamlined Record Retrieval is a leader in record retrieval services. As such, we are continually growing and continually looking for talented individuals to join our team as Account Managers. This is a great opportunity for anyone who desires full-time or part-time work with a flexible schedule.
If you like a fun environment, working hard, learning, and being part of a winning team, this could be an amazing career for you.