Fulfillment policy

All charges for STREAMLINED RECORD RETRIEVAL services are billed to CLIENT at the time the retrieved records are made available to CLIENT for download.
These charges include the Standard Service Fee and all other charges (show as Record Costs or Prepayment of Records, etc. on invoice) including but not
limited to facility charges which for the purposes of this Agreement are any costs invoiced to STREAMLINED RECORD RETRIEVAL, INC. as a result of obtaining
the copies of records requested by CLIENT generally paid to a copy service or directly to the medical provider itself, but may also include the cost of
hiring an outside copy service whenever necessary and also include shipping and handling costs. *Minimum record costs for each order will be in accordance
to the state statute from where the records were obtained. Record Costs are billed to CLIENT the same day in which records are made available to CLIENT for
‘download’. Payment for ALL COSTS will be DUE UPON RECEIPT. ALL SALES FINAL.